“We tried every remedy to stop the GALLONS of water…”

As you know, pursuant to our conversations about the water leaks through the bricks in my home, I am happy to say that it seems that the problem is solved.

I have built three custom homes in my life and one of the divisions of my business does a form of construction. I am familiar with construction and I have never been so impressed with a product as I have been with your “Professional Water Sealant.” There are not enough adjectives to help me express to you how great this product worked.

Without going into 10 pages of explanation, in brief, we built a new home and for the first year we tried every remedy to stop the GALLONS of water that would come into our home during heavy rain or melting snow. I finally found the problem to be defective brick and/or defective mortar. After researching the products available for water proofing, I made my last and best call to your company, Professional Products of Kansas, Inc. I knew after 3 minutes on the phone that my worries were over, because all of you people were so helpful and knowledgeable.

We followed all of your directions and applied your Professional Water Sealant. Keep in mind at this time your product was our last hope.

Well, approximately one year has passed and not one drop of water has seeped into our home. Your product turned a nightmare of a building into our dream home.

You can use me for a reference anytime you would like. You can tell your customers that our problem was a 20 on a scale of 1 to 10, and your product solved it.

Thank you,

Nick Santo

Chicago Ridge, IL

June 10, 1999

Update from Nick in October, 2013. “Product still working. I have never been happier with the performance of your product.”