“…the leakiest kiln fired clay brick I have ever come across.”

Bob Condon, owner of Trifecta Building Solutions, Inc.

“The project building is an eight year old residential three flat with a garden lower level (half above/ half below grade). The building envelope consists of two different types of kiln fired clay brick. The face brick on the front on the building is extremely hard and not very porous. However the brick used on the sides and back of the building is extremely porous and, in fact, is to date, the leakiest kiln fired clay brick I have ever come across. If I didn’t know better I would think I was working on a split face block building.


Because the brick was so porous I actually called and spoke with you in person to find out if I could use the PWS-15 on a kiln fired brick – to which you replied yes. You then put Rick Langenfeld in contact with me to do a RILEM tube test as well as product mock ups. Rick and his brother, Rob, came out and applied PWS-8 as well as PWS-15 to two 2ftX2ft sections on the front and side elevations. We determined based on what our customer wanted and what we thought would work best to use the PWS-15.


All this to say that we applied PWS-15 to the complete North/South/West elevations of the building and it appears to have stopped all the leakage. We actually had to demo all the drywall on the interior side of the exterior walls because they were so water soaked. We set up fans and dehumidifiers for a couple of weeks before we applied the sealer to ensure a completely dry exterior surface. The product seems to have done the trick as we have had not a single report of leakage since!!! The customer was thrilled that the problem was finally solved.”