How To: Prepare a RILEM Tube for testing

The following instructions are to help you properly prepare the tube to prevent leaking which will skew your test results:

Short RILEM Tube

Short RILEM Tube simulates up to a 60 mph wind-driven rain on the face of the wall

Use the short tube for block only. It may not provide you with adequate pressure for appropriate testing on more dense substrates. This tube is graduated in mph rather than the ml marks that are on the tall tube. There is a protruding lip around the inner opening which aids in getting a good seal with the putty.

Tall RILEM Tube

Tall RILEM tube simulates up to a 98 mph wind-driven rain

The tall tube may be used on all substrates. The tube is graduated in mililiters, with “0” at the top and representing the 98 mph mark. There is no lip around the inner opening on this tube.

Step 1

Step 1: Roll the putty into a ball

Step 1 putty in a ball

about 1 and 1/4" in diameter

Step 2 tube shape

Step 2: Roll putty between hands to make a tubular shape

Tubular shaped putty

About 4" in length???

Forming the donut shape

Step 3: Form tube into a donut shape.

donut shape putty

Kneed the seam so that it forms a continuous circle

donut putty on tube

Step 4: Place the putty around the tube opening, positioning the seam at the top

Press putty onto tube

and press into place

Step 5a

Step 5: Press a thin layer of putty over and into the cylinder opening of the tube

Please note: On short tube, be sure that the putty makes complete contact with the protruding lip.
Step 5b

Smooth putty around the opening to create an overlap

Step 6a

While pushing the putty against the base, pinch in an outward manner to form a "pie crust" appearance

Step 6b

Step 6: The resulting outward angle will help prevent the putty from obscuring the opening when attaching the tube to the test area

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