How to perform a mock up

There are many benefits to performing a mock up prior to full-scale installation of Professional Water Sealant:

  • Coverage rates
  • Aesthetics
  • Performance


Follow the step-by-step instructions for best results:


Mark off a 2ft X 2ft area. The area must be completely dry.

tape off a 2' x 2' area

 Fill a spray bottle that is graduated in ounces with PWS-5, 8 or 15.  Be sure to record the number of ounces placed in the bottle.

Take note of how many ounces you sart with.

Spray the product, from the top down, being sure to flood the surface and obtain a 4 to 6 inch run down of product from the point where the spray makes contact with the surface.

Mock up application of PWS from Professional Products of Kansas on Vimeo.

Note how many ounces of product were used and refer to the Test Patch Coverage Rate Chart to determine approximate coverage rates.

Take note of how many ounces are remaining

Clean the spray bottle immediately using mineral spirits. Be sure to spray the mineral spirits through the spray nozzle to prevent it from clogging in the future.

Wait a minimum of 10 days before returning to conduct RILEM tests on the mock up areas.