Barbara lives on Long Island, NY and had leaking every time it rained.

Professional Water Sealant Extra –no more water leaks, no more worries!  August, 2013

I would like to share my wonderful experience with Professional Water Sealant Extra.

Our home is on the water, on an inlet of the Long Island Sound in New York.  We do not have any natural or man-made barriers to protect us from nor’easters.  We get hit with some serious rain and wind.  Our home is constructed of block and brick.  With long-lasting 1-2″ of wind-driven rain, the brick on our north and east walls would become completely saturated.  Gallons of water would pour in through the pot lights in our kitchens and above the window in our dining room wall.  We were always mindful of the weather reports and made sure we had buckets in our kitchen windows and called our relatives to put in place if we were not home.  We never left for vacation without putting the buckets in place.  Our relatives were always on standby to empty the buckets if needed. 

After trying a few different products with short-lived protection, we were desperate to find an alternative to covering our beautiful bricks with water-proof paint.  So much internal water damage in our newly built home caused by water leaks. 

We searched for a product that would protect our home.  We were told by a water proofing contractor the only product that works is Professional Water Sealant.  We liked everything we heard, got a sample, tried it and liked what we saw.  After 24 hours or less, it was completely invisible.  When hit with a full force hose for extended periods, the water beaded and rolled off.  This was the product for us!  We didn’t want to paint our brick to waterproof so the invisibility was definitely a great big plus.

In April, 2004 we had the north and east walls of our home treated with the Professional Water Sealant Extra.   From that moment to this day, our home remains bone dry.  For us there is no other waterproofing product.  It is great not to worry about buckets and internal water damage any longer.

SIX years later, in May, 2010 we had our home treated again.   We made it through HURRICANE IRENE (August, 2011) and HURRICANE SANDY (October, 2012) without one drop of water inside our home.  As I write I realize of all our concerns in connection with Irene and especially Sandy (the waters of the Long Island Sound invading our yard and home), we didn’t even think 1 minute about water leaking in through our brick.  Not 1 drop of water came into our home from the brick during either of these hurricanes.  Professional Water Sealant Extra is a product that does the job without changing the look of our home.   We test it every once in a while by spraying the brick with water and the water continues to bead and just roll off.  I can’t say enough about this product.  It’s a real winner.  Problem solved.  Use no other!