ALS Ice Bucket Challenge at PPK

We are supporting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. We knocked it up a notch by having a 55 gallon drum pour the ice and water on us. #icebucketchallenge Join in on this worthwhile cause.   Ken Barry challenges: Royce Ferris and All Tex Supply in Dallas Dave Pakula and Illinois BrickĀ  in Chicago area Jason Alsip and Alsip Industrial Products in Winnipeg,...

No more water leaking through the bricks…

I ordered the product, had it applied and immediately the problems I was experiencing ended. No more water leaking through the bricks and down the inside of the chimney walls. No more leaking around the mortar joints above the metal flashing. It is not just that the product is amazing and works, it is about the company and their willingness to really help their customers out. I wish more companies were like them.

“…the leakiest kiln fired clay brick I have ever come across.”

I still use that building as the shining example of the worst leaking building we have ever come across – and one that is now bone dry.

“We tried every remedy to stop the GALLONS of water…”

You can use me for a reference anytime you would like. You can tell your customers that our problem was a 20 on a scale of 1 to 10, and your product solved it.

Barbara lives on Long Island, NY and had leaking every time it rained.

Gallons of water would pour in through the pot lights in our kitchens and above the window in our dining room wall. We were always mindful of the weather reports and made sure we had buckets in our kitchen windows and called our relatives to put in place if we were not home. We never left for vacation without putting the buckets in place. Our relatives were always on standby to empty the buckets if needed.

How to perform a mock up

We always recommend doing a mock up. You will be able to evaluate aesthetics, coverage rates, and performance.

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Why are water repellents needed?

Why are water repellents needed?

Water has long been recognized as the most destructive natural element to masonry structures. Many desirable characteristics of masonry such as cost effectiveness, low maintenance and durability can be compromised when masonry is left unprotected.

Unprotected masonry commonly absorbs water.

How To: Prepare a RILEM Tube for testing

How To: Prepare a RILEM Tube for testing

RILEM testing is an easy way to test the performance of a water repellent. It is important that you prepare the tube correctly so that you get accurate results.

How To: Affix a RILEM Tube to substrate for testing

How To: Affix a RILEM Tube to substrate for testing

To ensure that you get a true test, it is important that the RILEM tube is properly attached to the area you wish to test. If you don’t get a good seal between the putty and the wall, you might get a false fail (leaking through the putty). Note: Ensure that the inner opening is not obstructed with putty. Putty is resusable. Store in a cool place.  ...